There is No Law Anymore

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This is the way a Mezővári (Vary) resident who was returning home from Budapest in November 1918 interpreted the fact that the Aster Revolution won in Hungary and Károlyi Mihály formed a new government. As a result of the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the ubiquitous chaos in the social life of north-eastern Hungarian counties […]



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The process of forming a region is of special interest as a historical series of events. The first document to record the formation of Transcarpathia was the the Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. This document also reveals that the autonomous region to be created within Czechoslovakia is based on the territory of the former Rusyn (Ruthenian) population […]


Orosz Ildikó’s Inaugural at the Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year at Rákóczi-Institute Nagydobrony (Velyka Dobron) Vocational Training Centre

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Dear Secretaries of State, Ecclesiastic and Secular Excellencies! The Transcarpathian Hungarian community’s 30-year-old dream/plan comes true today. On 26 February 1989, on Sunday the Association of Hungarian Culture in Transcarpathia was established, its program and a declaration of its mission were passed. The event was organized by a small group in the Soviet Union. The […]


On the land of the Rákóczis – about the Rákóczis: György Rákóczi I – the Bible reader

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György Rákóczi I of Felsővadász, second prince in the family, was born on 8 June, 1593 in Szerencs. His father was Sigismund Rákóczi, the first wealth creator of the Rákóczi family (see our previous article), and his mother was Anna Gerendi. Together with numerous other youngsters, he was also brought up in the court of […]


The End of a Long Year. The Treaty of Saint-Germain is One Hundred Years Old

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The fact that Hungary lost a considerable part of its territory after World War I (hereinafter – WWI) is related in public consciousness to the Treaty of Trianon. Indeed, in 1918-1919 Hungary got out of the chaotic whirlpool of events and accepted the verdict of Paris arbitrators in the peace treaty. However, even before 1920 […]


The Association of Hungarian Culture in Transcarpathia and Vidnyánszky Attila Won a Prestigious Award

2019.10.16 News 71 megtekintés

Last Saturday in Budapest, for the 96th time in its history, the Hungarian Heritage Award was given to seven outstanding personalities and institutions for their activity. Laureates include the Association of Hungarian Culture in Transcarpathia and Vidnyánszky Attila. It is well-known that the Hungarian Heritage Award is given quarterly to those Hungarian personalities, groups and […]


Laudation of the Association of Hungarian Culture in Transcarpathia – Laureate of the Hungarian Heritage Award

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Dear Jury of Award, laureates, and the audience! In spring 1989 even the westernmost parts of the Soviet Union could feel the spirit of freedom coming. The dictatorial regime was still upheld, its secret service and law enforcement were watching each and every commotion and demonstration. Despite all that, there were many who felt and […]


An unpublished interview – Ildiko Orosz answers the questions of the Hungarian web portal

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“The Transcarpathian Hungarians are Separatists, or Perhaps Only Kyiv Does Not Hear Them” On September 26, an article with this title was published on the web portal, which contained some vague statements about the Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute, which did not describe the reality and viewpoint of the institute. Although the author […]


On the land of the Rákóczis – about the Rákóczis: Sigismund Rákóczi, the wealth creator

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The representatives of the Rákóczi family were broad-minded, highly educated people for centuries. During their religious life, they did not only support the sciences, arts, literature, but also did martial arts. The first distinguished figure of the Rákóczis was the “old” Sigismund Rákóczi (1544 – 1608), who is considered to be the founder of the […]


Acknowledgments of the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute

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The Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute expresses thanks to the fire brigade of Beregszász, Dercen and Mezővári for the operative work to curb the fire in School №2. Fire broke out in School № 2 (which is currently a rental property of the institute) in Beregszász on August 12. The Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian […]


Speech by Rector Ildikó Orosz at the Master’s degree Graduation Ceremony of Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education

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  Eminent Delegate, Churchmen and Officials! Dear colleagues, students and our guests! We have approached the final event of the graduation ceremony. This academic year 228 graduate students were awarded degrees: 58− vocational, 104− bachelor’s and today 56 graduates are awarded a master’s degree. 11 students earned a bachelor’s degree at the BA/BSc level in […]


English Majors of Ferenc Rákóczi II College of Higher Education on a Professional Research Trip

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The main goal of the trip was to visit the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Pécs and the Department of English Applied Linguistics in particular. Dr. habil. Horváth József introduced us to the functioning of the institution, the department and drew the students’ attention to the possibilities of further studies there. After the […]


A speech by Ildikó Orosz, Rector of the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education on October 22, 2018 at the central celebration at the Terror House Museum in Budapest

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Dear Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. President, ecclesiastical and civilian dignitaries, dear celebrating community, I am standing here, as an intimidated first-grader, who first passes the threshold of the school. I, who was not even born in 1956, have not done as much for my nation in my life as the heroes of 1956, so I’m […]


Ceremonial speech by Rector Ildikó Orosz at the closing ceremony of Ferenc Rákóczi II. Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute

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Ladies and gentlemen, madam minister, dear ministers, secular and ecclesiastical dignitaries, our dear guests, parents, graduate students, honoured colleagues! Today, the academic year 2017-2018 ends for 1051 students at various training levels of the Ferenc Rakoczi II. Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute. In 2018, 102 graduates receive their BA/BSC or Master’s degree. 72 students are going to […]


Call for Submission for Short Fashion Films

2018.04.12 Announcement, News 531 megtekintés

The Bán Imre College for Advanced Studies in Cultural Studies of the University of Debrecen invites higher education students to submit their short fashion films to the first international fashion video festival being organised in Debrecen, Hungary.   The films will be screened on 7th May 2018 as part of the “Fashion Festival  Debrecen Divatfesztivál” […]


Ukraine’s Law On Education from the point of view of the Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia

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