The Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education is 25 years old

Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education celebrates the 25th anniversary of its existence. The jubilee ceremony was organized in Beregszász on 8th November. Recently, the infrastructure of the college was expanded with another building, the handover of which was within the framework of the ceremony. Now it is the place of the II RF KMF Vocational High School and the Egán Ede Vocational Training Center in Beregszász.

After the anthems were sung a brief history of the building and details of the renovation were presented. The modernization was implemented in 2019-2021 with the support of the Government of Hungary in the framework of a development project with the participation of Bethlen Gábor Fund and the Charity Foundation for the Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education. The ribbon symbolizing the handover was cut, and Katalin Soos, the head of the Vocational High School, took over the key of the institution. It was handed over by Tunde Toth, the director of the Charity Foundation for the Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education.

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Yurij Sadvari, the director of the State Agricultural Vocational School of Munkács, and then Katalin Soos greeted those present. The headmistress said that this building symbolizes hope and a belief in the future. She emphasized that the college had always paid attention to ensuring the higher education of young Hungarians in Transcarpathia. She recalled the starting steps of the college, the path they had to follow in order to stand here today.

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After the speech, the students of the Vocational High School greeted the guests with a short program accompanied by the Kokas Banda. Representatives of the historic churches then asked for a blessing to those present and consecrated the renovated building.

The ceremony continued in the great hall. After the anthem of the college Istvan Csernicsko, the rector of the college, gave a speech. He said that thanks to the sacrificial work of the founders and supporters, the college is constantly evolving, more stable and stronger than ever and ready to face the challenges of the years ahead.

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Zsolt Semjén, Hungary’s Deputy Prime Minister, said that the Hungarian government fulfills its natural duty when it supports the Transcarpathian national minority. He emphasized that Hungary had always supported Ukraine from the very beginning. However, the Deputy Prime Minister regretted the atrocities committed against the local minority. He stressed that in Hungary, Ukrainian national communities are always respected and given the rights they are entitled to.

Zsolt Semjén also add that if national minorities are curtailed of rights, they will be considered less.

Anatoly Poloskov, head of the Transcarpathian County State Administration, said he still remembers times when the college building didn’t look like that.

Then he presented a letter of commendation on behalf of the Transcarpathian County Administrative Office to Ildiko Orosz and Istvan Csernicsko for their many years of conscientious work and personal contribution on the 25th anniversary of the institution.

After that, the movie for the college’s 25 year anniversary, Oak Tree was shown. The movie was made and directed by TV21 Ungvár.

Ildiko Orosz, President of Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education, looked at the event as a day of thanksgiving, reviving the beginnings, difficulties and positives of the past.

On the ceremony Zsolt Semjén, Deputy Prime Minister, handed over the 4,000-volume book collection of Zoltán Szőcs, a former writer and literary historian, to the János Csere Apáczai Library of College, which was taken over by Ibolya Nagy, director of the library.

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Finally, participants could hear the Székely’s mealtime prayer performed by Erzsebet Kokas.

Those interested could also follow the festive event live on Rákóczi College.

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