The leaders of the Hungarian minority negotiated with the Ukrainian Ministry of Education on native-language education

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, represented by Deputy Minister Vira Rohova, held an online meeting with representatives of Hungarian minority organizations on May 6.

The meeting focused on the conditions for ensuring the rights to education in the native language and the next meeting of the Hungarian-Ukrainian education working group on 12 May.

The Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute named after Ferenc Rákóczi II, the Transcarpathian Hungarian Pedagogical Association and the Berehove Branch of the Transcarpathian Teacher Training Institute have jointly developed and submitted a basic curriculum and lesson plan that meets the Ukrainian requirements and helps to preserve the Hungarian national identity.

The developed curriculum models concern the following grades: homeland studies, ethnography (grades 5-6), Hungarian history (grades 7-9), Ukrainian language and Ukrainian literature (grades 5-9), Hungarian language (grades 5-9), integrated literature (grades 5-9), art (grades 5-9).

In addition to adopting the developed curriculum model, the Hungarian organizations in Transcarpathia also asked the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science to simplify the system of degree naturalization rules in equivalence contracts to the to the French model.

The organizations also formulated their request in writing, addressed to Deputy Minister Vira Rohova and Orsolya Pacsay-Tomassich, State Secretary of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economy, co-chair of the Hungarian-Ukrainian Education Working Group. They attached their work plans developed over the years to the letter and assured the recipients of their further constructive cooperation.