Dániel Gyurta and Miklós Gór-Nagy paid a visit to the Rákóczi College

Dániel Gyurta, senior ministerial advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Affairs, and Miklós Gór-Nagy, world champion Hungarian water polo player and ministerial advisor, visited the Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education on 12 July.

During the first half of the day, Dániel Gyurta, Dr. Miklós Gór-Nagy, Dr. Ferenc Papp, consul of the Consulate General of Hungary in Ungvár and Dr. István Gyebnár, temporary chargé d’affaires of the Consulate of Hungary in Beregszász, visited the Health and Sports Centre of the Rákóczi College and the swimming pool under construction at the RF KMF II.

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Afterwards, Dániel Gyurta, Miklós Gór-Nagy and their entourage had a meeting with the leaders of our college, president Ildikó Orosz and rector István Csernicskó, as well as with Károly Rezes, president of the Beregszász District Council and Natália Váradi, office director of the “GENIUS” Charity Foundation, who informed them about the work being done in the 17 Handball Talent Points.

“As a volunteer of the Ecumenical Aid Organization, I have visited Transcarpathia several times with the goal of assisting those in need. With this current visit, I also aim to help, specifically in reviving sports in Transcarpathia. I want to contribute to the smooth development of education. It is important for every young person living in Beregszász and Transcarpathia to have access not only to education but also to sports opportunities,”

said Dániel Gyurta after the meeting. He emphasized that sports played a significant role in his own life alongside education.

“I believe that we can truly bring out our best performance mentally, and things we learn on a daily basis will be more successful if we engage in sports alongside. Our brains need training, and brain training becomes perfect when we also train and exercise our bodies in the same way,”

he added.

Orosz Ildikó, the president of the college, highlighted that the institution has placed great emphasis on physical education development in recent years.

“12 years ago, with the establishment of the ‘GENIUS’ Charity Foundation, a regular sports camp action was launched. Additionally, last year, with the support of the Hungarian Handball Federation, we started talent points for children and organized county-level championships. I believe that this is a breakthrough opportunity for all Transcarpathians, because if they learn to fight and learn to tolerate the lack of victory, it means a lot for their character and they learn to live,”

said the president.

Anita Kurmay