The inaugural lecture of István Csernicskó at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Dr. István Csernicskó, Rector of the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College, held his inaugural lecture titled Language policy as a tool of nation-building and identity construction at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on 13 March.

István Csernicskó, an external member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, underlined:

In Transcarpathia, all the conditions are given for a researcher to flourish and carry out research at international level.

According to the rules of the Academy, external member can be a scientist who lives abroad, is engaged in international scientific activities abroad, declares himself Hungarian and has close ties with the Hungarian scientific life.

István Csernicskó also said that

thanks to the support of the Hungarian government, the College in Beregszász has become an intellectual and educational center in recent years. Therefore, it is important that within its walls there was an academic life that is recognised both nationally and internationally.