Wreathing ceremony in honour of Stephen I of Hungary in Mezőkaszony

A wreathing ceremony was held in honour of the memory of King Saint Stephen on 20th August in Mezőkaszony.

“The Pro Cultura Subcarpathica (PCS) NGO has been organising St Stephen’s Day in the Beregszász district since 2015. The initial venue was Mezőkaszony, but the event was expanded, so it has been held at Tiszacsoma as well,”

said Krisztina Molnár, PCS coordinator.

Due to the ukrainian-russian war, the big event was cancelled this year. Participants gathered at the statue of Tibor Török Túri to wreath the bust of King St. Stephen, which was unveiled in 2021.

Ferenc Radvánszky, reformed pastor emphasized the importance of the community and holding on to our roots.

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Afterwards, representatives of the Hungarian Consulates in Ungvár and Beregszász, Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education, Pro Cultura Subcarpathica, the Organisation of the Cultural Alliance of Hungarians in Sub-Carpathia (KMKSZ) Mezőkaszony and the NGO Gravis for the Development of Mezőkaszony and its Region laid wreaths at the bust of Stephen I of Hungary.

Later in the day, commemorations were held in Tiszacsoma and Aknaszlatina, both organised by the KMKSZ.

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Márta Mondik/Kárpátalja.ma