“On Imposing Quarantine Measures in the Territory of Transcarpathian Region”

To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection among students and staff and in response to updated measures to combat it. 

Rector’s Order:

  1. Introduce quarantine at the Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education (THC) for a period of three weeks until April 3, 2020, based on the decision of the Anti-Epidemic Committee of the Transcarpathian region from March 12, 2020.
  2. For the duration of the quarantine period to suspend the educational process in all institutions of the THC.
    2.1. Rats A., Vice-Rector for Scientific, Pedagogical and Educational Work of the THC,   shall issue an instruction for the lecturers with regard to developing methods of distance education for students to successfully complete the curriculum.
  1. Evict all pupils and students from the dormitories, recommend them to stay at their place of permanent residence and adhere to anti-epidemic measures.
  2. Carry out complete disinfection of the dormitories, as well as the educational premises of the
  3. The implementation of this order is to be assigned to the vice-rectors and heads of the College’s structural divisions.

Orosz I.I.
Rector of Ferenc Rákóczi II
Transcarpathian Hungarian College