Experience in implementing the innovative MonsoonSim platform in the learning process

Starting from September of the current academic year, 2nd year students majoring in “Accounting and Taxation” obtained the opportunity to study the features of business organization on the basis of business simulation MonsoonSim. MonsoonSIM is an award-winning Australian business simulation and gamification education platform. This platform has been used in business education since 2013 by such well-known universities as Pennsylvania State University, Michigan State University, Deakin Business School, Singapore University of Social Sciences and many others. The platform significantly changes approaches to teaching and learning. Instead of learning by remembering, students learn by making their own decisions and exploring, practicing, and experimenting.

Hundreds of fundamental business concepts applicable to trade, distribution, e-commerce, production and service have been created on the basis of the MonsoonSim platform. The convenience for teachers of the Accounting and Auditing Department is that they can independently choose individual modules and integrate them into their training courses, starting to teach the basics for example, Accounting or use MonsoonSIM to teach advanced level concepts such as capital budgeting.

In addition to training, a team of 5 students (Lechner Mate, Mogachek Arthur, Solnoki Peter, Barta Regina Leticia and Kovacs Antonia) has been selected to participate in international competitions, which will be held online from 6 to 20 November.

Prof. Nina Poyda-Nosyk:In today’s changing world, it is simply impossible to imagine the modern educational environment without the use of innovative online educational platforms, among which the business simulation plays extremely important role. It is widely used as a teaching method in leading universities and business schools, not only for teaching students but also for training managers. The main feature of business simulation is immersion in virtual reality with the laws of real business. Business game provides an opportunity to gain diverse experience in managing the company. On the example of a virtual company, participants can gain skills in management decisions, teamwork, understand the importance of proper organization of the supply chain, test and learn from their own experience the impact of each decision on the financial results of the company. The idea of the MonsoonSim learning platform is so well thought out and convenient that it makes much easier the process of mastering different theoretical economic courses, starting from marketing, corporate finance till international financial management. The main idea is based on learning through experience, that fascinates students and develop the spirit of competition, collaboration and promotes entire involvement in learning business processes. We are very grateful to Mr. Abdy Taminsyah, the Founder and President of MonsoonSIM, for such a remarkable opportunity to go through the training with our students and integration into the learning process of this platform.”

Lechner Mate: “MonsoonSIM has created a virtual world where you can learn to run a business. The participants of the virtual project must decide for themselves where and when to open a new store, which purchases to make, when to start production for their own needs, when it is appropriate to start their own online store. In preparation for the competition, we encountered many new things that we did not even think were necessary for effective business management. We try to train as much as possible and prepare for competitions, in particular to gain new experience. I really like the training process, and from personal experience I can say that our team will try to get the best results from the competition. ”

Mogachek Arthur: “This business simulator helped me better understand micro and macro processes. It is necessary to take into account many factors that have a decisive influence on the business processes, which in real life, perhaps, I would not pay attention. The experience gained helped me to consolidate the theoretical material, because taking a direct part is not just listening to information. The competition motivated me to become better and improve my personal learning efficiency. ”


Department of Accounting and Auditing