In the footsteps of Andrássy, Kölcsey and Petőfi 200 years later – VI. Scientific Afternoon of Debate at the Rákóczi College

In collaboration with the GENIUS Charity Foundation, the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College organized a Scientific Afternoon of Debate. The event entitled “In the footsteps of Andrássy, Kölcsey and Petőfi 200 Years Later” took place on May 11 at the Rákóczi College.

Dr. Natália Váradi, the professional organizer of the event, associate professor of the college, office director of the “GENIUS” Charity Foundation, welcomed the participants.

The attendees were welcomed by István Csernicskó, the Rector of Rákóczi College. He paid tribute to the literary and historical personalities who would be discussed during the afternoon and emphasized the importance of debating and expressing opinions.

“On the corridors of the college, you can see the sign ‘shelter.’ The event, however, is held in the library, which can also serve as a shelter for everyone,”

highlighted Tamás Weiszburg, the President of the National Council of Scientific Students (OTDT).

András Jávor, a professor from the University of Debrecen, spoke about the collaborative efforts between the university, the OTDT and our college in his welcome speech. István Gyebnár, the Consul General of the Hungarian Consulate in Beregszász, assured the attendees of the support from the Hungarian government.

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Following the welcome speeches, a series of presentations took place. First, Dr. Emőke Kovács, a member of the Gulag Foundation, gave a presentation titled “Future generations will look upon him as an ideal” – Andrássy Gyula’s life journey. This was followed by Dr. Csaba Gy. Kiss, a lecturer at the Department of Cultural History at ELTE, who gave a presentation entitled “Kölcsey’s Hymn – in a Central European mirror”. Next, Dr. Gábor Vaderna, a lecturer at the Department of 18th-19th Century Hungarian Literature at ELTE, presented the 200-year-old Hymn. Dr. Zsuzsa Kalla, the Deputy Director General for the Collections of the Petőfi Literary Museum, introduced the figure of Petőfi. Dr. Zoltán Németh, a professor at the University of Warsaw, presented Sándor Petőfi’s poems written after 1989.

In the second half of the day, Dr. István Kolozsvári, the Director of the Fodor István Research Center at the Rákóczi College, outlined the goals and achievements of the Research Center. Then, Kornélia Hires-László, the Director of the Hodinka Antal Linguistic Research Center at our college, presented the work of the center over the past two decades. Dr. Erzsébet Molnár D., the Head of the Lehoczky Tivadar Social Sciences Research Center, introduced the activities and results of the Research Center. Dr. Natália Váradi, the Director of the GENIUS Charity Foundation, discussed talent development in higher education.

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