Open Day at the Rákóczi College’s Vocational High School

An open day was held at the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College’s Vocational High School on 9 March.

Katalin Soós, the director of the institution, welcomed the guests and presented the most important information about the Vocational High School. She recalled the early days of the institution, the main features of its operation and the possibility of dormitory accommodation. She explained that five specializations – Preschool Education, Social Work, Accounting and Taxation, Applied Mathematics and Tourism – are open for applications. She pointed out that the management of the Vocational High School is waiting for the final admission procedure set by the Ministry of Education and Science, but encouraged those present to apply for more than one course, so that they can choose between the courses if they pass the exams.

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The rest of the day was an opportunity to get to know the institution, the classrooms and the teachers. Visitors were able to watch presentations of the specialized courses, where, among others, Erzsébet Kokas, a preschool teacher, invited the visitors to perform folk singing children’s games with students, Zoltán Gogola prepared an exhibition of his own work, István Gogola and Krisztina Kudlotyák presented the Social Work course. In addition, Lénárd Simon held a robotics workshop and József Szocska gave a 3D modeling session. The visitors could also take part in an interactive educational game on accounting, taxation and tourism.

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