About a two-day practical training seminar “Consulting of micro and small business”

The 1st year students obtaining the master’s degree at the educational program “International Accounting and Taxation” as well as teachers of the Accounting and Auditing Department took part in the two-day program of the professional training seminar “Micro and Small Business Consulting ” (November 25, 2022 and December 2, 2022).

The key practical value of participating in the business seminar for future professionals was the interaction with business owners, individual entrepreneurs, company managers, and generally representatives of economic entities in various types of activity. During the training program, the following questions were considered: how does digitalization affect not only the reputation, but also the commercial success of enterprises? What are the criteria for a successful business today, and why is sustainability the main one? How to properly insure your property and company? How to optimize the tax burden of economic entities?

The teachers of the department also acted as guest speakers with the following reports:

  1. Doctor of Economics, Prof. Robert Bacho – “Peculiarities of the insurance system in Ukraine.”
  2. Gabor Pataki – “Digitalization in the agricultural sector of the economy.”
  3. PhD, Dr. Gabriella Loszkorih – “Features of taxation in Ukraine: innovations-2022.”
  4. Edina Shebeshten – “Creation and taxation of farms.”

Feedback from education seekers

Yaroslav Petrychko: “I am glad that I had an opportunity to attend the business seminar. I learned a lot of relevant information, got to know local entrepreneurs and jotted down some ideas for the future. I also liked the speeches, which touched upon both practical and theoretical issues, in particular the issue of regulation at the legislative level of the activities of micro- and small enterprises. The training helped to better understand the current state of business and new promising directions for its development in our region”.

Noemi Markush: “The business consultation was held for two days on November 25, 2022 and December 2, 2022, in the village of Yanoshi, Berehiv district. During the training for individual entrepreneurs, micro- and small businesses, we could hear many interesting reports, particularly in the agricultural field. We managed to learn new information about drones that can be used in the mentioned field, and about insurance possibilities, as well as about forms of taxation for economic entities. In general, it was interesting to hear about the features, legal aspects and advantages of drones used in agriculture compared to other technology.”

Eric Talpa: “The event, which was held to raise the level of awareness of business representatives, mainly contained a consultative nature for representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises from various types of activity, in particular, a number of issues related to the digitalization process of farmers. In my opinion, this is a very important training, as many entrepreneurs do not know about all the current innovations and practical nuances during the martial law period. Many important and interesting issues were discussed, all of this was complemented by a good organization, as well as a pleasant and warm atmosphere of communication. The speakers were asked many questions, which they answered willingly. I hope such events will be conducting more often. Only pleasant impressions remained.”

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Both students and teachers of the Accounting and Auditing Department of the FR II THCHE express their sincere gratitude to the organizers and participants of the professional seminar program for the opportunity to join the modern business content, the high level of organization of the event and the interest in communication with the student audience.

Staff of the Accounting and Auditing Department