Online meeting of students mastering finance with a stakeholder

On October 18, 2022, students of the 1st year of the specialty 072 “Finance, banking and insurance” (educational program “Financial Security”) had the opportunity to communicate online with a stakeholder – the deputy director and the head of the Budget Department of the Department of Finance at the Zakarpattia Regional Military Administration (RMA), Borkulesh Nataliya Yuriivna.

The meeting was organized as part of studying the course “Introduction to the specialty and the basis of scientific research”. During the meeting, N.Yu. Borkulesh told the students in general terms about the specifics of the work and tasks of the Department of Finance as an independent structural unit of the Transcarpathian regional state (military) administration. The department is directly subordinate to the head of the regional state administration and is accountable to and under the control of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. The Department consists of 3 departments – the Budget Department, the Department of Revenue, Regional Development and Social Protection Programs, and the Department of Finance of Local Authorities and Organizational Support.

Nataliya Yuriivna spoke to the group of students about the historical aspects of the creation of the financial service in the Transcarpathian region, the features of the modern stage of decentralization and the reform of the administrative and budgetary system. Revealed the concept of the budget, its structure and outlined the general problems of financing the expenses of regional institutions. Special emphasis was placed on the competences that future specialists should have for employment in the financial structures of local self-government bodies.

The Department of Accounting and Auditing of the Institute expresses its sincere gratitude to Nataliya Yuriivna for her spared time and the opportunity to convey to the students the current problems and work peculiarities of the Department of Finance in the conditions of martial law.