Assertive communication – Accounting masters improve soft skills

Today, the demand for the formation and development of soft skills is pursued in all areas, in particular, in the training of accounting specialists. Indeed, every employer wants to see a specialist with developed erudition, the ability to avoid conflicts, and a creative approach to solving professional tasks. For the sake of ensuring the development of communication skills, master students in the educational program “International Accounting and Taxation” participated in the “Assertive Communication” course on the Compster online platform.

Assertive communication is an effective tool for building positive relationships with people around you and achieving common goals. Assertive communication skills contribute to developing an automatic assertive communication style. With the help of practice, tasks and examples from everyday life, students of higher education have acquired skills that will help them confidently voice their thoughts, feelings and desires, directly and with dignity, while always respecting their rights and the rights of others. The acquired additional competencies will contribute to better career growth and the achievement of the highest professional positions, as assertiveness makes it possible to successfully make decisions and, at the same time, set one’s limits with respect for others.

After successful completion the course, all participants received certificates.

We sincerely congratulate our master students on their professional development and acquisition of additional soft skills!