Diploma award ceremony at Rákóczi College

On June 28th, the Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education held a diploma award ceremony. The event took place at the Reformed Church in Beregszász. This year, a total of 160 students completed their undergraduate studies and 60 students completed their graduate studies, receiving their respective diplomas. Among them, 2 undergraduate and 6 graduate students were awarded with distinction.

The ceremony began with the entry of historical flags, followed by a welcome speech from Ferenc Taracközi, the senior pastor of the Reformed Congregation in Beregszász. This was followed by our national prayer and the hymn of Rákóczi College. The attendees then observed a one-minute silence in memory of the victims of war and the recent deceased staff members of the college.

In his annual speech, István Csernicskó, the rector of Rákóczi College, highlighted that in the past academic year, they received registrations from 1 500 applicants at the admissions office, out of which 592 were accepted to the college in September last year. This year, we have had the largest student body in our history. As of October, the number of students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs was 1 296.

“The increase in student enrollment can be attributed not only to the socio-political situation but also to the fact that we announced admissions for seven new programs in the past academic year,”

he emphasized.

In September last year, Szerhij Skarlet, the former Minister of Education of Ukraine, and Viktor Mikita, the head of the Transcarpathian Regional Military Administration, presented the college leaders with a certificate of recognition from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, acknowledging our institution’s contribution to the development of higher education in Ukraine and its humanitarian work in providing assistance to internally displaced persons.

He further added that the educational system of Rákóczi College has grown into a true network, as our college operates practicing kindergartens and elementary schools through the P. Katalin Frangepán Grammar School, vocational training institutions through the Egán Ede Vocational Training Center, and an extensive folk art institution system that covers 70 settlements in the county, consolidated under the Tulipán Tanoda.”

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“Everything I have mentioned so far demonstrates that we had a successful academic year. However, the greatest achievement we consider is that despite the difficulties and circumstances, we managed to keep the majority of our teaching and staff members, the vast majority of students, and all of this contributed to Rákóczi College being one of the few higher education institutions in Ukraine that carried out in-person education throughout the past academic year,”

he emphasized.

Kovács Sándor, Member of Parliament of Hungary, in his welcome speech, spoke about faith, taking responsibility and perseverance.

Following that, on behalf of the graduating students, Krisztián Váradi, a Hungarian major student, expressed gratitude. Then came the students’ pledge, read by Bernadett Bíró, a graduating student majoring in Hungarian.

After a general overview of the diplomas, the graduating students received their well-deserved certificates from Ildikó Orosz, the president of Rákóczi College, and István Csernicskó, followed by the Student Hymn.

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“Today is a celebration at the college. It is a celebration when we simultaneously see the past and envision the future,”

said Ildikó Orosz, expressing her hope that the fresh graduates have found their calling in which they will thrive.

At the end of the event, representatives of the historic churches requested God’s blessings upon the lives of those present. The ceremony ended with the singing of the Szózat.

Anita Kurmay