Regarding participation in the International Conference on Management in Czestochowa (Poland)

On June 15-16, 2023, the 12th International Conference on Management “Sustainability-Security-Quality” was held at Czestochowa Polytechnic University (Poland).

DCs, Prof. Robert Bacho, Head of the Department of Accounting and Auditing at FR II THCHE, was elected to the members of the Scientific Committee of the Conference. DCs, Prof. Nina Poyda-Nosyk, Professor of the Department of Accounting and Audit at FR II THCHE, represented the Institute at the conference and delivered a talk on the topic «Analytical aspects of assessing business prospects in the automotive industry of Ukraine».

The Conference focused on such basic concepts as sustainable development, safety and quality. Although the concept of sustainable development seems particularly unrealistic to describe the current situation in the world, where in almost every field we can observe all known aspects of organizational imbalance, every system ultimately aims at sustainable development. The problem of ensuring security also does not cause any doubt. As for quality, as stated by the conference organizers, it remains the main factor of competitive advantage in an extremely turbulent environment.

Scientists, researchers and teachers from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Syria, and Greece gathered to share their scientific achievements and ideas at the conference. Each of the conference days began with a plenary session, during which distinguished international experts in the field of economics, management, and other social sciences gave a speech. The second part of the conference was organized in the form of parallel thematic sessions. Both plenary sessions and thematic sessions were held in English.