Language courses at the Rákóczi College

In the 21st century, the importance of learning and teaching foreign languages is unquestionable. It is essential for mobility and for establishing cross-cultural contacts and promoting mutual understanding. Today, knowledge of at least one foreign language is not just a requirement for a degree, but has become a necessity.

The Adult Education Centre of the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College has organised language courses for the 2022/2023 academic year. Courses could be applied for between 19 September and 3 October 2022 by filling in an online form. During this period, 116 people expressed an interest in learning a language.

The language courses ran from 15 October 2022 to 28 February 2023. Those wishing to learn English, German, Ukrainian and Hungarian could improve their knowledge of these languages at basic and intermediate level in 80 lessons.

The breakdown of the number of participants in the language courses was as follows:

No. Language chosen


Number of applicants


1. English language 42
2. German language 12
3. Ukrainian language 32
4. Hungarian language 30
  Total: 116

The courses were carried out in small groups. A total of 6 groups were set up, taught by 6 qualified teachers. It is very important to choose the appropriate methods of teaching foreign languages, which our professionals have determined in the most optimal way according to the students’ language level.

The courses took place on Saturdays.

After successful oral and written examinations, 36 students were entitled to receive a bilingual (Ukrainian-Hungarian) certificate, as follows:

No. Language chosen Number of graduates
1. English language (basic level) 8
2. English language (intermediate level) 8
3. Ukrainian language (intermediate level) 9
4. Hungarian language (intermediate level) 11
  Total: 36

The certificate awarding was held on 27 March 2023 in the framework of the Rákóczi Days programme in the Rákóczi College’s Esztergom Hall, where the President of the College, Ildikó Orosz, and the Rector, István Csernicskó, presented the certificates of the courses in a ceremony.

The feedback shows that the language courses organised by the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College’s Adult Education Centre  are important and useful.

The implementation of the programme was supported by the Government of Hungary, the Prime Minister’s Office/the State Secretariat for National Policy, through the Bethlen Gábor Fund Management Ltd.

Natália Váradi,
Head of the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College’s
Adult Education Centre