Mental Health Day at the Rákóczi College

The Hungarian Mental Health Society of Transcarpathia (KMMT) in cooperation with the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology, Teacher, Kindergarten Education, Education and Management of the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College organized the Mental Health Day programme for the fifth time on 27 April.

Emőke Berghauer-Olasz, lecturer at the College and President of the KMMT, welcomed the participants.

“The aim of our event is to address what we don’t really deal with in our everyday lives – our souls. When our body gives us a sign, that there is a problem with our soul, that is the real problem. With this day, we want to prevent that,”

she said.

This year’s event was organised around the theme of War and/or Peace, with a photo exhibition, spiritual workshops, psychological training, four-senses theatre, a film club, a craft workshop and a youth worship service.

Firstly, the students took part in parallel workshops led by mental health professionals from the KMMT, a psychologist from the College’s Psychological Professional Services and staff from the Department.

On the Mental Health Day event, in keeping with previous traditions, the organisers announced a photo competition. The entries were open to the public from the morning in the College’s Gross Arnold Hall. The first prize was awarded to Marianna Himinec’s photo entitled A Béke Rémálma (The Nightmare of Peace), the second to Enikő Bányai’s Reméljük, hogy soha (Let’s hope that never), and the third prize to Milán Rácz’s Én és a második énem (Me and my second self). As a special prize, the photo by Evelin Jákó entitled Ima a békéért (Prayer for Peace) received the most online votes.

The programme was supported by the Hungarian Government and Bethlen Gábor Fund Management Ltd.

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Anita Kurmay