Earth Day celebrated at the Rákóczi College

Organised by the Department of Biology and Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Tourism of the Rákóczi College and the Fodor István Research Centre Earth Day was celebrated from 18 to 20 April.

On the first day of the programme, a litter picking and environmental protection event was organised. College students, keen to do something for their environment, tried to beautify the area of the Beregszász mining lakes.

On 20 April, the organisers invited the public to a film screening with a book presentation, focusing on the aquatic life of our waters.

István Csernicskó, Rector of the Rákóczi College, welcomed the guests.

“We have been given a beautiful planet as a gift from the Creator, and unfortunately, we often behave with it not as responsible owners, but as irresponsible usurpers. Earth Day is partly about raising awareness that the richness of the Earth is not necessarily permanent. We must take care of it, because the responsibility is ours!

– he stressed.

After the speech, a monograph entitled The fauna and habitat conditions of the Ornithological  Reserve  of Tóvár in  Beregdéda was presented. The authors of the book are István Kolozsvári, Éva Andrik, István Hadnagy, Tibor Ljubka, Zoltán Csoma, Erzsébet Kohut. The authors one by one presented the main parts of the chapter they edited. We learned about the methods of data collection, the natural and hydrographical characteristics of the area, the quality of the water, the flora, the fauna of dragonflies and birds.

After the book presentation, the audience could to watch the Hungarian  documentary Past and Present – Our Waters in the Hands of Man.

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K. A.