Our students’ team is among the GLOBAL STUDENT CHALLENGE 2022 WINNERS!

Four third-year students which are obtaining the bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Taxation, have participated in the Global Student Challenge. It is the #1 Student Competition in the world, which allows students to gain valuable knowledge, further develop their skills, expand their professional network, and much more. The Challenge pits teams from top business schools and universities from all over the globe against each other in the search for the world’s Top Talent in Value Chain Management.  By participating in this Challenge, students experience the life of a Corporate Executive by running their own virtual company together with their team. 

The international competition was held in 3 stages – the first stage of selection was conducted online in November 2021 among teams at the university level. Only 10% of the best-performing teams from curriculum courses got invited to one of the three Global Qualification Rounds. The second stage in the form of three global qualifying rounds (GQR) was held from November 2021 to April 2022.

The second Global Qualification Round of the Global Student Challenge was held from January 17th until February 13th, 2022. During this online event teams from universities from all across the globe competed against each other by playing three rounds of The Fresh Connection.

Our team consisting of SimonVioletta, Csapógya Zoltán, Olasz Kristóf and Izsák Szilveszter took part in the second stage, which took place from January 17 to February 13, 2022. They took 3rd place among the winners selected from 8 countries and 16 universities and received an invitation to participate in the Global Final!

During these GQRs, teams from around the world compete against each other for a guaranteed spot in the Global Final!   Only the top 30% of teams with the best-weighted score got the opportunity to continue to the Online Global Final which was taking place from April 30th until May 6th, 2022.

And this is an important event for Ukraine and an even more important event for Transcarpathia! The team of the Ukrainian university is for the first time among the winners of the Global Student Challenge. The team of the Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education “Account Ants” took 5th place among 36 teams from different countries. This event will go down in the history of the competition for the best management of the virtual company, which is held annually on the platform of The Fresh Connection of the Dutch company Inchainge.

We would like to express our special thanks to Dmitrii Gavrilov, the international instructor of #The Fresh Connection, for his help in preparing the team for the competition.

Feedback from students about participating in the competition:

It is a great opportunity for all of us to participate in such a major global competition thanks to the staff of the Department of Accounting and Auditing and its international connections. For several months we were able to put our practical knowledge to the test by using business simulation with the help of our mentors. But the learning process did not stop there and we, despite all the difficulties, did our best to demonstrate our skills in the final competition.
Simon Violetta

I think that this competition is a great opportunity for all of us to compete, first within the group and then on an international level. Our team, in my opinion, exceeded all expectations with this podium finish out of 54 teams. Special thanks go to Prof. Nina Poyda-Nosyk and prof. Dmitrii Gavrilov, who helped us with their expertise. Happy to be in the top five!
— Csapógya Zoltán 

It’s a great opportunity to get an insight into the practical side of running a company. And within a competition where everyone is striving to be the most successful company. Personally, I really liked the feeling of being part of the organization of a virtual company. Special thanks to our teachers and coaches who helped us to compete in the final.
— Olasz Kristóf

In my opinion, business simulators such as The Fresh Connection offer a perfect opportunity to use theoretical material in practice without any risks. Our team has clearly delivered an outstanding performance and has proven that it is capable of achieving high level results even in the international arena. I would like to express my thanks to prof. Nina Poyda-Nosyk and prof. Dmitrii Gavrilov, as well as to our department and the College, who helped us with their professional experience and made our participation possible. We are now putting all our efforts into the final rounds, where our primary goal is to achieve top-class results.
Izsák Szilveszter

Nina Poyda-Nosyk,
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Professor at Accounting and Auditing Department