The rabbit is sitting in the grass – Preserving traditions Frangepán style

Easter is one of our most important holidays. Young and old alike are working hard to put all kinds of delicacies and colourful, uniquely decorated eggs on the festive table.

The students of the Elementary and Kindergarten Sections of the P. Katalin Frangepán Grammar School in Szerednye were able to learn about traditional Easter customs during their visit to the Nagybereg County House. Márta Mondik, from Pro Cultura Subcarpathica, gave a tour of the country house and the József Szikura Botanical Garden, where the children were introduced to the wonderful plant species found there.

This was followed by a creative workshop where everyone could paint their own unique Easter eggs. The first and second graders were introduced to traditional egg decorating techniques by Andrea Mester, Andrea Kepics and Adél Gál. They also made some of the most beautiful Bereg scratched, scorched and Salánk waxed eggs. Piroska Olasz, the landlady of the country house, showed how to prepare a traditional Easter dish, the yellow curd cheese. At the end of the day, everyone could try out different folk games and find their favourite.

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K. A.