Well-known UK procurement consultant Richard Beaumont held a guest lecture for master accountants

On May 16, 2023, the 1st year master students in “International Accounting and Taxation” program had a unique opportunity to listen to a lecture and talk with the famous business trainer and consultant Richard Beaumont.

That online meeting was organized as part of studying the course “International Accounting Systems and Standards”. With the professional skill of an international speaker and trainer, Richard demonstrated very clearly the importance of supply chain management, as well as the close relationship of it with accounting and finance. The speaker outlined the challenges facing companies around the world in this area, including cultural diversity, access to data and the technologies used. He mentioned the features of integration and the features of using artificial intelligence in the conditions of the modern information society. During the lecture, the importance of understanding international financial reporting standards for making investment decisions was emphasized.

Prof. Nina Poyda-Nosyk: “It was an immense pleasure for me to introduce such an outstanding person as Richard Beaumont to the students. Working in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia, Mr. Richard Beaumont deserved recognition as a prominent and internationally renowned procurement consultant, speaker and business advisor with over 30 years’ experience across a range of industries. Richard’s practice focuses on helping businesses reduce procurement costs, reduce supply chain risks and create innovation through building good relationships with suppliers. I believe that meetings with such eminent people expand the horizons of thinking for students and indicate what should be strived for in their life and professional path.

Feedbacks of Noemi Markus and Sandor Virlich, the1st year MAs, concerning the meeting: “During his engaging and professional presentation, Richard Beaumont spoke with clarity and expertise about procurement, the German Supply Chain Act, ISSD and GHG protocols. He managed to convey to the audience a deep understanding of the procurement process, which consists in obtaining or acquiring goods and services in order to meet business needs. Understanding the importance of this process for companies, Richard emphasized the need to engage services and purchase goods on a large scale. He also drew attention to the overall procurement process, which decisively influences companies’ decisions before making the final purchase. Learning the concept of ISSD, which stands for Integrated Sustainable Supply Chain Development, was very interesting when Richard talked about creating and implementing sustainable practices throughout the supply chain of a product or service.

We express our sincere gratefulness to Mr. Richard Beaumont for sparing his valuable time and sharing his experience with our students!

Department of Accounting and Auditing