Graduation ceremony at the Beregszász Basic Kindergarten of P. Frangepán Katalin Grammar School

Kindergarten graduation is an unforgettable moment when the little ones say goodbye to kindergarten and embark on new adventures in school. This experience was felt by the 43 students of the Beregszász Basic Kindergarten of P. Frangepán Katalin Grammar School as they bid farewell to their kindergarten. The institution held two days of graduation ceremonies – on May 31st, the Mókuska, Micimackó, and Csigabiga groups had their ceremony, and on June 1st, it was the turn of the Méhecske group’s preschoolers to say goodbye to their teachers.

The ceremonies were opened by Szilvia Sztankovics, the head of the kindergarten. In her welcome speech, she primarily addressed the parents, without whom the graduating children wouldn’t be here today.

“We thank you for trusting us and entrusting your precious treasures, your children, to us,”

she said. Then she turned to the children, wishing them happy years in school and urging them not to forget their kindergarten.

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After the welcome speech, the children took center stage. In their musical and dance performance, they showcased everything they had learned over the past years – poems, songs, and nursery rhymes. Led by Gabriella Szilágyiné Tóth, the folk game instructor from Tulipán Tanoda, the children presented folk songs and traditional games. The Ukrainian-language session by Selelyo Tánya’s “Szolomijka” and the English-language session by Katalin Rácz’s “Mary Poppins” made the children fall in love with both languages, bringing Ukrainian and English songs and games to life on stage. During the day, there was also a little game when the parents demonstrated how quickly and skillfully they could pack their children’s school bags.

As a closing of the ceremony, the parents expressed their gratitude to the kindergarten teachers, nannies, and staff for wholeheartedly nurturing their children.

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Anita Kurmay