A methodological group for the internal quality assurance of the Rakoczi-College’s Vocational High School has been established

The methodological group for the internal quality assurance of the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College’s Vocational High School was established on 16 January. The group will carry out its tasks until 31 January, with the participation of the management and teachers of the Vocational High School and the experts of the Rákóczi College.

The Vocational High School is a relatively new element of the College’s organisation and from the very beginning the management of the institution has placed great emphasis on ensuring the provision of education of an appropriate level and quality, the continuous exchange of experience and the improvement of training programmes.

“With this in mind, and in anticipation of the accreditation of all the College’s training programmes in the coming academic year, we have set up a group of experts from the College’s profile departments (i.e. those that correspond to the Vocational High School’s individual training programmes) to provide the Vocational High School’s methodological teams and staff with useful professional advice and suggestions for work organisation based on good experience. The exchange of experience between the College and the Vocational High School has been continuous so far, but the temporarily institutionalised form of this exchange may offer even more opportunities for development of the training programmes of the Vocational High School, as the conditions and requirements of the labour market are constantly changing”

– emphasised Gyula Fodor, Deputy Rector of the College and head of the methodological group assisting quality assurance.

In the next two weeks, the group considers it important to carry out a quality control of vocational secondary education, reviewing and examining its documentation, its compliance with the current Ukrainian legislation and the constantly changing normative documents.

K. A.