Az EIT Digital innovációs szervezet pán-európai mesterképzése (534/BRG/2020)

The EIT Digital Master School offers postgraduate programmes in computer science and information technology, with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, to equip students with cuttingedge technical knowledge and business skills. We aim at educating students to become digital transformers for European economic growth and improved quality of life. Students learn to become digital technologists, to understand innovation and to act as entrepreneurs. Upon graduation, they are equipped to anticipate societal changes due to digitalisation and to develop products that stay ahead of those changes.

The EIT Digital Master School attracts talented students from across Europe and beyond. The education is delivered through a partnership of leading European universities. Students can
choose the programme that best suits their career aspirations and intellectual interests, with each one designed to address the most innovative and industry-relevant fields of information and
communication technology.

Thanks to its unique format, the EIT Digital Master School offers a truly European experience. During the two-year programme, students enrol at universities in two different countries, leading
to two Master of Science degrees as well as the EIT-labelled certificate. They also participate in a three-day business challenge, a two-week summer school and undertake a work placement, all of which can take place in different locations across Europe.